Fairfield Engineered Solutions Inc. is a small engineering consultancy providing a diverse set of skills to aid firms in ongoing business process optimization and digital transformation activities. 

Our clients expect effective and efficient engagements that quickly connect their existing team with new capabilities. Together we prepare a roadmap that leads to a successful outcome for your customer, then execute, measure, update and repeat. This iterative and agile approach quickly brings low risk, tangible results to the forefront of the organization.

We operate with the highest standards of ethics, bound by the EGBC code of ethics, but more importantly bound by a moral sense of social duty. This starts with a genuine concern for your business needs, and finishes with the satisfaction that comes with every business interaction where all parties benefit.


Good for the customer, good for the staff, good for the world – good for business.



As we remake this world, we see that the processes of the past have brought with them many consequences. We must recognize this, and enact processes with the utmost concern for the totality of their results.


Just as process drives your business, so to for FESI. We use  a benefits dependency framework to connect the causes and effects of the  business process decisions we implement. This provides visibility of the coupling between outcomes desired and the changes required.


To seek out and nurture long-term, mutually-beneficial relationships with organizations of high social and environmental moral character, and provide them with top quality business process consulting, so that they preferentially succeed.

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Dedicated to Quality

At FESI, we strive to provide high quality results at every step of the process. To achieve these results requires setting tangible, realistic goals, and then progressively evaluating them along the way. Quality follows from a repeated investment in effort, but it also requires an investment in attitude.